What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Dan Anderson

“The Blade helps us reach over 100,000 Toledo area households each week with our ads.”

Dan AndersonThe AndersonsThe Andersons
Phil Kajca

He Finds The Blade Is The Perfect Setting For His Advertising.

Phil Kajca, owner of J. Foster Jewelers in Toledo and the Pandora stores in Toledo and Ann Arbor, has been in the jewelry business for more than 35 years.

“I helped oversee Osterman’s, and had input into their marketing,” he says. “Back then, you didn’t have to be as creative in your advertising. It was more of a broad-brush approach.” Marketing is much different today he notes.

“Now, it’s more targeted. When we have a promotion that is too difficult to explain on a billboard or in a television spot, there’s no better way to reach a customer than with The Blade.”

Reach the customers you want most.

Phil KajcaJ. Foster Jewelers President J Foster Jewelers
J. P. Ankney

“The Blade helps put up the S-O-L-D Sign!”
Co-owner of Gulfstream Development, J. P. Ankney says, “After our home appeared on the cover and in the center-spread of The Blade’sFridayHOMES section, we had a nice crowd at our open house; many of them with the HOMES magazine in their hand.”

The Blade has the local marketing tools to put the S-O-L-D sign in front of their newly constructed homes.

J. P. AnkneyCo-owner of Gulfstream Development
Matt Simpson

Matt Simpson of La-Z-Boy feels Very Comfortable With His Blade Advertising. Matt Simpson, regional manager of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, advertises on The Blade’s Sunday insert jacket – the large sheet that wraps the package of coupons and sales flyers in each Sunday’s Blade.

Mr. Simpson says, “We started using the insert program about two years ago. We feel that, in today’s market, couponing is popular. When we wrap around the coupons, we get a lot of eyes on our ads.

We also hit the outlying areas with The Blade’s Sunday circulation, which has been a nice growth area for us,” he says. The numbers back him up.

“La-Z-Boy gives us a lot of statistics from across the country, and The Blade’s penetration is one of the highest in the country. “When we started to use the jackets, we did see an increase in our business,” Mr. Simpson says. “We’ve been very happy with it.” He notes that his company also places ads at the bottom of the front page of the newspaper.

“When someone picks up The Blade, there’s a 50-50 chance that they will see our ad,  first thing,” he says.

“The Blade helps us reach over 100,000 Toledo area households each week with our ads.”

Matt Simpson La-Z-Boy Regional ManagerLa-Z-Boy